Julianne Felton 

Port Orange, FL



I find great joy and inspiration in making art, and great satisfaction when the art moves or inspires others.  My paintings come from memory, play, and photo references.




For many years my husband and I traveled to and exhibited my paintings in juried outdoor art festivals as well as gallery exhibits. We learned a lot along the way from seasoned artists, met a lot of great people, and we are blessed for the many years of the art show experience. 






To inquire about a painting, email artistjf@gmail.com.


Each sale of an original painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity which identifies each piece of original art.  This includes the buyer's name, the artist’s signature, the date sold, a description of the art, and the sale amount of the piece.  Each piece of art is carefully wrapped, with archival materials only touching the surface of the work. Taking great care to protect and package the artwork to ensure the paintings travel from artist to collector safely. 


Ownership of original art does not include reproduction rights.





Museum Shows



September 10th 2019 - 48th annual Florida Watercolor Exhibition.  Leu Gardens, Orlando, Florida. September 10th thru November 8th


September 4th 2014 - 43rd annual Florida Watercolor Exhibition in Delray Beach Center for Arts, Cornell Museum of Arts and American Culture, in Delray Beach. Sept. 4, 2014 to November 15, 2014


Dance is Art’ Group exhibition of dance related art at the Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL, September 26 & 27, 2014


July to August 2007—“Figuratively Speaking”—Art League of Daytona Beach, FL


July 22 to September 13, 2006—Thomas Center Galleries Regional Juried Exhibition, Gainesville, Florida
August to September, 2005—“Three with Color”—Three woman exhibition at the Art League of Daytona Beach, Florida
December 12, 2003 to January 18, 2004—Florida Biennial—Deland Museum of Art (now Florida Art Museum)—Deland, FL     
Oct. 24 to Dec. 4, 2002—1 woman show—“Tropical Spaces & Places”—Gardens Art (Art for Public Places)—Burns Road Community Center, Palm Beach Gardens, FL   
June 26—August 2, 2002—Art in the Round—Lake County Cultural Affairs Council, Tavares, FL—Two woman exhibition 
Aug 7th to September 21, 1999—Harris House Annex of the Atlantic Center for the Arts at Arts on Douglas, New Smyrna Beach—Two woman exhibition “Within the Everyday”   
November 1998—February 1999- Solo Exhibition--Office of the President, Daytona Beach Community College   
September 1998—Florida Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition--Museum of Arts & Sciences, Daytona Beach, FL
October 9, 1998—January 10, 1999—the Twenty-Seventh Annual Exhibition of Florida Watercolor Society—the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, FL  
1995—Watercolor West—Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, California
June 11 to September 5, 1993—Southeastern Watercolor VII—the Deland Museum of Art--Deland, FL
October 9 to November 6, 1992—21st Annual Exhibition, Florida Watercolor Society, Pensacola, Florida 
September 22 to November 10, 1991—20th Annual Exhibition of the Florida Watercolor Society—Museum of Fine Arts—St. Petersburg, FL    


Featured Awards in juried Art Shows



October 2007 - Maitland Art Festival - First Place in Painting

April 2007—Port Orange, FL—Artfest—First Place Painting 
Feb. 2007—Images Festival of the Arts, New Smyrna Beach, FL—Award of Honor 
April 2004—Tarpon Springs Art and Craft Festival, Tarpon Springs, FL--1st Place in Painting
April 2003—Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce Fine Art & Craft Show, Tarpon Springs, Florida—Award of Distinction
January 2004—Venice-Nokomis Rotary Art Show—Venice, Florida—1st Place in Painting
November 2003—Spacecoast Art Festival—Cocoa, FL—2nd Place, Painting
November 2003—Downtown Festival and Art Show—Gainesville, Florida—Award of Distinction
November 2003—Halifax Art Festival—Daytona Beach, Florida—Award of Honor
September 2003—Lake Eustis Fine Art Festival—Eustis, Florida—Award of Distinction
Oct. 2003 Lake Mary/Heathrow Fine Art Festival—Lake Mary, Florida—Award of Merit
May 2003—Mayfaire by the Lake—Lakeland, FL—Merit Award 
April 2003—Melbourne Art Festival—Melbourne, Florida--Judge’s Award
April 2003--Maitland Arts & Crafts Festival--Maitland, FL—Merit Award 
Feb 2003—New Smyrna Beach Art Fiesta—First Place—Painting Category
October 2002—Ocala Festival of Fine Art—Award of Honor
September 2002—Riverside Art Festival–Jacksonville, FL—Merit Award 
April 2002—Tarpon Springs Art Festival—Best in Category 
November 2001—Osceola Art Festival—Merit Award



Juried Art Exhibits


2007—First Place Painting—Artfest Fine Art Show—Port Orange, FL

2007—Award of Honor—Images Festival of the Arts, Atlantic Center for the Arts, New   

            Smyrna Beach, FL   

2007—Ponce Inlet Fine Art Festival, Ponce Inlet, FL

2007—Gasparilla Fine Art Festival—Tampa, FL

2006—Space Coast Art Festival—Cocoa Beach, FL 

2006—Downtown Gainesville Fine Art Festival—Gainesville, FL

2006—Fine Arts Festival for Ocala—Ocala, FL

2006—Riverside Arts Festival—Jacksonville, FL

2006—Images Festival of the Arts—New Smyrna Beach, FL

2006—Fernandina Beach Art Festival—Fernandina Beach, FL

2006—Mayfaire Fine Art Festival—Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, FL

2006—Tarpon Springs Fine Art Festival—Tarpon Springs, FL

2006—Melbourne Art Festival—Melbourne, FL

2006—San Marco Art Festival, Jacksonville, FL

2006—Third Place Painting—Ponce Inlet Fine Arts Festival, Ponce Inlet, FL

2006—Juno Beach Art Festival—Juno Beach, FL

2006—Melbourne Arts Festival—Melbourne, FL

2006—Arti Gras—Palm Beach Gardens, FL

2006—Mount Dora Fine Art Festival—Mount Dora, FL

2006—Beaux Arts—University of Miami, Lowe Art Museum—Miami, FL

2005—Merit Award—Space Coast Art Festival—Cocoa Beach, FL

2005—Gainesville Downtown Fine Art Festival—Gainesville, FL

2005—Halifax Art Festival—Daytona Beach, FL

2005—Hyde Park Fine Art Show—Tampa, FL

2005—Maitland Art Festival—Maitland, FL

2005—Osceola Art Festival—Osceola, FL

2005—Ocala Fine Art Festival—Ocala, FL

July 2004 – Magnificent Mile Art Festival – Chicago, IL

June 2004 – Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Festival – Virginia Beach, Florida

May 2004 – Fernandina Beach Art Festival – Fernandina Beach, Florida

May 2004 – Mayfaire by the Lake Art Festival – Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, Florida

April 2004 – Melbourne Art Festival, Melbourne, Florida –

April 2004 Tarpon Springs Art & Craft Festival, Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce –

Award of Distinction – 1st place in Painting

March 2004 – Lake Wales Art Festival – Lake Wales, Florida – Merit Award

March 2004 – New Smyrna Beach Art Fiesta – New Smyrna, Florida – 3rd Place - Painting

November 2003 Spacecoast Art Festival – Cocoa, FL  - 2nd Place, Painting

November 2003 Downtown Festival and Art Show – Gainesville, Florida - Award of Distinction

November 2003 Halifax Art Festival – Daytona Beach, Florida - Award of Honor

September 2003 Lake Eustis Fine Art Festival – Eustis, Florida - Award of Distinction

Oct. 2003 Lake Mary/Heathrow Fine Art Festival – Lake Mary, Florida  Award of Merit

Sept. 2003 Riverside Art Festival – Jacksonville, FL

June 2003 Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Show – Viriginia Beach, Virginia

May 2003 Mayfaire by the Lake – Lakeland, FL  - Merit Award

April 2003 Melbourne Art Festival – Melbourne, Florida - Judge’s Award

April 2003 Maitland Arts & Crafts Festival– Maitland, FL  - Merit Award

April 2003 Tarpon Springs Art Festival –– Tarpon Springs, FL 

March 2003 Fairhope Art Center Juried Art Festival – Fairhope, Alabama

Feb. 2003 Mount Dora Art Festival – Mount Dora, FL

March 2003 Gasparilla Art Festival –– Tampa, FL 

March 2003 Images – A Festival of the Arts  – New Smyrna Beach, FL – 3 Patron Purchase Awards

Feb 2003 New Smyrna Beach Art Fiesta– First Place – Painting Category

October 2002 Winter Park Autumn Art Festival

October 2002 Ocala Festival of Fine Art– Award of Honor

September 2002 Riverside Art Festival– Jacksonville, FL  -  Merit Award

Sunfest 2002 - West Palm FL

April 2002 – Tarpon Springs Art Festival – Best in Category

March 2002- Sun Trust Central Park Art Show – Winter Haven, FL – Honorable Mention

March 2002 - Gasparilla Festival of the Arts – Tampa, FL

March 2002 -  New Smyrna Beach Art Fiesta – 2nd Place in Painting

February 2002 - Arti Gras – Palm Beach Gardens, FL 

February 2002 - Mount Dora Art Festival – Mount Dora, FL

January 2002 - Beaux Art Festival – Miami, FL

November 2001 – Osceola Art Festival – Merit Award

November 2001 – Spacecoast Art Festival – Cocoa, FL

November 2001 – Festival of the Masters – Disney

October 2001  -  Poster for the Florida Humanities Council (The Florida Gathering)

                            Deland, Volusia County

Sept. 2001 – Eustis Art Festival – 2nd Place Painting

Sept. 2001 – Riverside Art Festival – Jacksonville, FL  - Award of Excellence

*May 2001 – A Taste of Oviedo – Merit Award

April 2001 – Melbourne Art Festival

April 2001 – Mainsail Art Festival

*April 2001 – Tarpon Springs Art Festival – Award of Excellence

April 2001 – Gainesville Spring Arts Festival

March 2001 – Lake Wales Art Festival – Lake Wales, FL – Judges’ Award for     Exceptional Art

March 2001 – Sun Trust Central Bank Art Festival – Winter Haven, FL – Award of Excellence

February 2001 - Images, A Festival of the Arts – New Smyrna Beach, FL -  Higginbotham Purchase Award – 3 other purchase awards

February 2001 – New Smyrna Beach Art Fiesta – 2nd place - Painting

November 2000 – Festival of the Masters - Disney

November 2000 – Halifax Art Festival – Award of Merit

September 2000 – Riverside Avondale Art Festival – Award of Merit

October 2000 – Winter Park Fall Art Festival

May 2000 - A Taste of Oviedo, Oviedo, FL - Best in Show

May 2000 - Mayfair, Lakeland, FL

March 2000 - Images, New Smyrna Bch, FL

Nov 1999 -   Halifax Art Festival, Daytona Beach, Florida

May 1999 - A Taste of Oviedo – Oviedo, FL - 1st place - Painting

April 1999   Mainsail Art Festival – St. Petersburg, FL 

Mar. 1999 - Ponce Inlet Fine Art Show – Ponce Inlet, FL - Best in Category

Mar. 1999   Images Art Festival – New Smyrna Beach – 2 Purchase Awards (Art for Public Places – Fish Memorial Hospital)

Feb. 1999    New Smyrna Beach Art Fiesta - Second Place – Painting

Oct. 1997 – Beaux Arts Annual Juried Show, Art League of Daytona Beach, Best of Show




Julianne's paintings have been collected throughout the U.S. and Europe.



Local Corporate Collections:

Anne and Dennis Higginbotham 
Sun Trust of Volusia County, Florida
Fish Memorial Hospital, New Smyrna Beach, FL
City of New Smyrna Beach, FL
(The former) World Venture Corporation, Port Orange, Florida

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
Bank of America, Port Orange, Florida
City of Port Orange, Florida  


Website   www.artistjf.com 

e-mail: artistjf@gmail.com


All of the original art paintings on this website are produced, owned and Copyrighted by Julianne Felton


Reproduction of any kind is prohibited


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