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'June afternoon tide pool' 2018 Such an amazing afternoon at the beach. A large, lovely, clear ocean shoreline tide pool. Afternoon storm clouds coming as is typical of a summer day in Florida. Acrylic on primed and mounted canvas. Framed to 23"x27"x 1


'Rhythmic sunrise sea' Original moody, early morning acrylic seascape painting on canvas. 18" x 24" x 1" gallery wrapped and painted on sides. Ready to hang $600


'Early bright' Original acrylic abstract landscape painting on canvas, 18"x 24" x 1". Gallery wrapped with painting continued on sides. Ready to hang. Jewel tone blues, purples, and greens with hints of pink. Suggestions of birds in the sky. $650


'Tribute to Rocket Man' original acrylic abstract painting on Fredrix archival canvas board 14" x 11" x .25" Will fit standard frame size. $300


Red tree landscape. Original acrylic abstract landscape painting on heavy canvas. 20"x18" unstretched/unframed. Luminous and textural $375


Sunset on the marsh. Moody and intriguing textural acrylic abstract landscape marsh painting with birds on canvas. 4"x4"x1.5" Painted on sides, ready to hang $100


A glorious sunrise two. Original contemporary impressionist sunrise beach landscape painting. 16"x20"x.5" gallery wrapped canvas. Painted on sides, ready to hang. Florida beachscape painting with pier, birds, and lovers. SOLD


Jetty sunrise splash with birds - Original acrylic abstract painting of water splashing on jetty rocks with hints of birds on canvas. Gallery wrapped 24" x 30" x 1.5" painted on sides and ready to hang. $900


Morning Whale song. Original acrylic impressionistic abstract painting on canvas, gallery wrapped and painted on sides. 18"x24"x.75" Fredrix pro series canvas with Golden and Liquitex professional acrylics. Framed with Gold Ornate frame. Overall size 2


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