Tropical landscape paintings and watercolors

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Beach before sunrise - oil over acrylic on primed linen canvas mounted on plywood
Abstract ocean sunrise at the pier Sunrise near the Pier 36" x 36" x .75" available at

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Julianne Felton
Port Orange, FL

American Artist, Florida, making life inspired impressionist and abstract paintings.  Watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings on paper, canvas, and wood.


 'Drawing and painting has been my passion since the beginning. There's nothing like floating a colorful passage of pigment across the surface of a beautiful cotton paper.  Or applying a thick, gorgeous passage of oil paint onto the surface of a canvas. Color, texture, surface and light.  This art comes into creation by the heart, by the hands, and by the spirit.  

 ©Julianne Felton 2-6-2021


I find great satisfaction and joy when my art moves or inspires others. My paintings come from memory, imagination, places I've been, and places  within. I like to paint spontaneously, intuitively, allowing the art to lead the way.  The beach, the waves, the sky, and the landscape are always inspiring.
Sometimes I have a plan, with a drawing or photo of an idea I want to make. My favorite times are when when the painting process seems effortless,  where the art seems to have a path and a flow on it's own.
Making art is a life long process of learning, change and adapatation. I feel blessed to be making art, and happy that making art is part of my personal journey.'   

Thank you for visiting my online galleries.  Thank you to those who purchase my art. 
Julianne Felton


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