Tropical landscape paintings and watercolors

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Julianne Felton
Port Orange, FL

Afternoon beach clouds. Acrylic on canvas.

Florida artist making life inspired art with watercolor and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas. 


"I'm  interested in the atmosphere, color,  and the application of paint.  My paintings are a fantasy, I suppose, and lean toward Fauvism in style.  I'm not painting from a idea so much as painting an idea as it comes through my hand. I start with an initial idea but the painting always evolves.  Sometimes this evolution takes time, patience, and faith to see what will be revealed."  


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My original paintings are in collections throughout the U.S., UK, Switzerland, and Australia.


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Because of the difference of colors and settings on monitors, colors of the original art may differ from how colors show on your device.  


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Each sale of original art includes a Proof of Purchase and Certificate of Authenticity.  This includes the artist’s signature, date the art was created, and the sale amount.  Ownership of original art does not include reproduction rights.


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